Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ski Day #1

Today was Ski Day #1 for K/1 at Horizons. I think Ted was most excited about his undershirt and ski socks. Way cute. The kids had a blast on the bus, and Ted's bus buddy, Kai, lost his first tooth! Between the noise, the blood and the bus itself, I chose to ride down with the other moms in a car. Ahhh...

Ted was in the very beginner-est of beginner groups and he was determined from the start to work hard so he can move up to the next group next week. Rather than the magic carpet, they move to the tow rope, and a steeper hill. Turns are also added to the stop/go routine. He did a good job. He learned how to stop and how to go. He was the last kid on the hill too. Everyone else got cold after about an hour. They were supposed to ski for 2 hours before returning to the lodge. Ted and another boy stayed out for another half hour, and then that boy was cold too. 15 minutes later, Ted finally agreed to go in. There were enough parent volunteers to escort the kids back to the lodge, so the instructor was able to stay with the kids. It was pretty cold and a bit windy, so I think the gear I got him over a year ago was good stuff (thank you Erin for the Helly Hansen recommendation!) This was really fun and he's looking forward to next week! Lots more pics on moeltini.

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