Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ted Day

Wow, Ted and I spent a LOT of time together today! We started off with his testing at TKD. He moved from Camo Belt Decided to Green Belt Recommended. He did GREAT. Focused, attentive, was great. He received a silver star for his Black Belt Behavior during Testing...he got one last testing too! He was so proud. Here's a video (Ted is on the far right):

and there are tons of pics on moeltini too. We watched the K4K and Adults test too, and then grabbed a quick lunch before heading to Zach's birthday party. Much swimming ensued, so he has got to be tired. He didn't want any cake (again) and instead played with the Legoes that were in the room. He and all the other boys! So funny. We went to dinner at Red Robin to celebrate and it ended up being a date, since Sam and Mae couldn't stop fighting. That always pushes Paul off the edge and they ended up going home instead. Ted and I had a great time chatting. Tomorrow is his last day of summer vacation! Crazy!! (And cold. And rainy. What is UP with this Fall weather?!)

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