Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boulder Kids Tri

Well, today was fun! We got up at 5am and were at the Rez by 5:45, with gigantic balloon and bagels in tow. Sam was in the 1st Wave (ages 3-4) and got seriously confused about the "swim" portion. I walked him into the water, then walked down the shore to try and get a picture (I had the camera; Paul had the video). After all the kids (except Sam) had exited the water, I walked back to try and find him. I did, and held his hand while we walked (not quickly, mind you) through the water. He enjoyed the bike portion, getting faster as he went. The run portion was more of a meander. He was grumpy and hot at the end, but he finished. He was QUITE pleased with his medal and Sharkies.

Ted was, as usual, 100% into it. He didn't need any help at all with the transitions. Next year I'm just going to plant myself somewhere in the middle of each portion and try and get good pics. Paul had the video (with a complaining Mae on his back) and got some fun footage of Ted. He's in the orange bike shirt for the bike and run portions. Paul chose the music, by the way.


Anonymous said...

E they both did fantastic!!! Congrats to them both :-) -T

jack said...

Hooray for the Triathletes!

Sam is off to a good start, and Ted is moving up fast!

More pics, please!

Will Mae join in next year?

Ellen said...

Thanks!! I was so proud of them. Sam didn't really enjoy it, so I think next year just Ted will do it. Mae can do it when she's 5 if she wants to.

jack said...

That sounds fine for now. But who knows what Sam may want to do by next year? Or Mae?

Help! Can you tell me what this silly word verification thing is for? To see if you are dyslexic? Have low vision? How does it play into these comments?

Got to know.