Monday, September 17, 2007

REALLY loose tooth & reading!

Ted's tooth is getting grotesquely loose. *shudder* He is having so much fun with this. Besides the tooth fairy (who will be giving him a $1 coin), he will also get a star at TKD for his first tooth. Cute! He only needs 2 more stars to earn a Silver Victory Patch for his dobok (uniform). Right now he has the first (Blue) patch. Only one other boy in his class has a Silver patch so Ted is REALLY motivated! He's been behaving beautifully in class, but lately there have been so many kids in his class (over 10) that I think the instructor can't pay enough attention to know which students are really behaving well. I've been commending him though and I think he's got it pretty well down. Very exciting stuff!

Today was my volunteer day in Ted's classroom. It was during DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). First I read to a small group of kids, and then they chose a book to read to me. This was just the kindergarteners so they were little books. Ted brought his book home so he could read it to Daddy. You can tell he's memorized it, but still. He is so earnest about it! I love it. I loved being in there's so very calm and peaceful during 'work time' and then when they transitioned from reading to clean up to recess...holy cow! The chaos! A nice combination, IMO. Enjoy!

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