Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 2

How can only the 2nd day of vacation (when the 1st doesn't count since 2 were in preschool and the other was in camp) be so exhausting?! Each kid had a MAJOR meltdown today. Mae's was the most embarrassing, since it took place at Starbucks. I told the kids that we were only going to get drinks, since it was almost lunchtime. "Sweet," said Sam. Mae screamed and stamped her feet, loudly proclaiming that she wanted a treat too. "You can choose a drink or nothing," I said. "But if you keep screaming, I'll choose nothing for you." Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say. She lost it. And ended up FLIPPING out for a long time. I was feeling selfish (and fried) and wanted to talk to Wendy so we tried to ignore her. Oy. Ted lost it towards the end of his playdate with Dakota, suddenly not wanting to share and only wanting to watch a movie. And then Sam lost it when we took D home, screaming his head off to play the iTouch. Oh yeah, that'll get you what you want. We did end up having a nice dinner together (which Mae helped me prepare as you can see) and then I went off to TKD which really cleared my head. Paul and I are still fighting this sore throat thing. Tomorrow we'll swim in the morning, then I'll have more nose lasering done (ow) and finally, home to start cooking for T-day. The video is from Mae's gymnastics class today.

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