Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ted has recently begun sparring at TaeKwonDo. Required at the Camo level (his next rank), his instructor encourages sparring if a student can actually block. Otherwise, he/she could get hurt. In his last sparring class before the Winter Break, another boy actually kicked Kirril (his opponent today) in the face. That's not allowed, but it happens. Mr. D ordered all his sparring students face shields that day and they finally arrived last week. Ted was so excited to spar again and he really likes Kirril. Kirril is almost 7 and is out of Tiny Tigers and into Karate for Kids (the class for ages 7+). He is a purple belt and a really good student. Ted showed that he doesn't get scared off by rank or size and had a blast! He actually gets kicked pretty hard in the face towards the end (you can hear the thunk and I groan) but the face shield did its job and he was unhurt (and seemingly unfazed!) He has a Tournament coming up in February and he'll still be a Yellow Belt but he's hoping that he'll be at Camo for the next one, so he can spar. Mr. D says at one point, "He's going to make the other kids run away." Bwa ha ha. Ted is in the grey shirt.
The video is very poor quality because it was done on my camera.
Here's a shot of the two of them before class started.

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