Friday, January 18, 2008

Red Bean Bread

Today at the crazy cool Pacific Ocean Marketplace, I was disappointed that they were out of red bean buns. They are a Chinese staple ... sort of the Asian version of coffee cake. Mmm. Anyway, they did have Misakaya Red Bean Bread, a Japanese version. It's JUST as delicious. Mae and I are having a hard time doing anything but nibbling them.
I was hoping to find a bento box or two, but was unsuccessful. I did score lots of special treats. In particular, a graham-cracker type of cookie that is long and round. Mae LOVED them in China.

After POM, I took a gander at the next door Dollar Store. And I found bento boxes! They weren't labeled as such, but they are PERFECT. There are two boxes that came in this set ($.50 each!). They have a handy clip-lock feature that I hope the others have. Mae's is a sweet little bowl shaped one, but I need to get a band for it to keep it secured. I prepared these bentos for the kids and Paul to nibble on before Shabbat services. I led Tot Shabbat tonight and it went well.

The boys split the top left one; Mae's in on the right. The bottom center is Paul's. Apple slices, clementines, edamame, spring rolls, sushi maki and Inarizushi (for Paul & Mae) and Morningstar Chix Nuggets for the boys. Yum.

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EatPlayLove said...

We love P.O.M. it's in our neck of the woods! Too bad on the bento scene. Can you send me an email (I didn't see your address posted) when you have a chance?
=) Denise eatplaylove (at) gmail