Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blue Belt!

Ted tested for his Blue Belt today. This was his first testing as a K4K. He did the 1st half by himself, then had help on the 2nd half. We need to work on his confidence in doing it himself. Luckily, they are repeating In Wha 1 next cycle, so he should have no problem getting the 2nd half on his own. The big deal is learning how to keep going when you forget or are unsure. It's OK to stop and think, but not to lose focus. It's a lot like acting. "Don't break character" is the mantra. The same is true here. He did a great job though, for his very first time doing anything alone. A Blue Belt! Very very cool. 

The videos are of his self-defense and board breaks. Mr. D wanted him to do a jump front kick, but he had told him last class that he preferred to do a regular one. And then he did the jump front kick anyway! Rock on, big kid! 

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