Thursday, December 18, 2008

not pneumonia

We had quite a scare yesterday. Mae's had a mild, unproductive cough for a few weeks now. It started getting worse on Monday and by Tuesday night she was clearly pretty sick. I kept her home Wednesday and took her in to see Dr. Roy, our "Boulder doctor", in hopes of some preventative measure (ginger? garlic?) He looked at her (noted she was breathing pretty rapidly), took her temp (102) and listened to her lungs (sounded crackly), took her O2 levels (83..below 90 is not good), and used the nebulizer on her in the office. "I think she has pneumonia," he said. "Go get a lung xray right away. Tell them to rush the results and call me back asap." Yikes! Off we went to Boulder Community, where we waited eons but eventually got in and got the xrays. 30 minutes later, Dr. Roy called me back to said that she didn't have pneumonia after all, or asthma, but viral bronchitis. So, no antibiotics, use the nebulizer, and wait a week. She seems better today, thank goodness. She is so good about her treatment, and her own little dinosaur mask. She also has eyedrops, since her eyes are goopey, in hopes of keeping away pinkeye.
*collective sigh of relief*

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Casey said...

Hey!! Just came to wish you a Happy Holiday and I find Miss Mae under the weather! I hope she is feeling better very soon!!

Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to you all!!

Casey, David, Liam and Emeili