Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mae's story

This is 10 minutes long. If you let it load fully before watching it, it won't be jumpy. It may be just me, but I needed a box of kleenex nearby. Enjoy!

*Note: the video will probably be ready to watch sometime this evening. If you try and see it before then and it doesn't work, it's because YouTube is still processing it. Try again after dinner!


Bee's Blog said...

Hey sweetie, I cannot view it either. Bummer.

Leslie said...

Ellen - the video is great...I was able to view it! You've inspired me to do something similar - great job! Leslie
P.S. What a nice treat to see the photo of Phoebe and Mae from this summer!

Anonymous said...

Kleenex indeed!!! What a lovely thing to watch and I love,love,love the last song. Takes me right back!

Well done.
Ayi Susu

Bee's Blog said...

Oh my gosh I am still crying, no gushing tears. That video is so beautiful. And I am so honored Shayna is in it with the cutest picture of Mae being so sweet. (wiping away tears....). I would love to know how you did the video. I better go get a kleenex. Thank you so much for sharing. Mae has grown so much so far and is so precious!

Ellen said...

Just wanted to thank Ayi SuSu for 99.9% of the pics in China!!!! Glad you like it-of course, watching this makes me miss you even more than normal!!!!

patricia said...

Yes, we both wept a bit, too, but such happy tears! What a lovely tribute to such a lovely little girl. We are so very lucky to welcome her to our family!

Mom & Dad