Wednesday, November 29, 2006

snow & cookies

We had a big snowfall last night and into today. I bundled Mae up and strapped her in the little sled and off we went with Ole. She enjoyed it for about 10 minutes and then screamed til we were home. I think she got too cold. She had one of her fits for about an hour-pretty exhausting. She hasn't done this in months, so I was surprised. But I was also pleased that she allowed me to hold her while she freaked out. I was able to hold her til she had calmed down. Then she signed 'sleep' so I put her in her crib and rubbed her tummy til she fell asleep (in about 2 seconds). I had to wake her to go get Sam and she is taking a great 2nd nap now-she must have totally exhausted herself. Poor thing. I wonder what it was that set her off. Being cold? Having the snow blow in her face? Hmmm.

On Wednesdays Ted stays for enrichment so I just take Sam home. After his 'rest time' we baked chocolate chip cookies. We really enjoy Wednesday afternoons, since Mae usually takes a good long nap and we can hang out. He is turning into such a sweet kid.

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Bee's Blog said...

I think I would have like to eat cookie dough than sledding today, but both kids look like they had fun. That is great Mae let you comfort her. Baby steps.