Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We are having a SERIOUS blizzard. Any schools still in session were cancelled and everything. Considering this is Colorado, this is a big deal. Paul went to work this morning but headed home around 11:30. He finally arrived home, having walked the last mile, at 2. The snow is supposed to continue through noon tomorrow with an estimated accumulation of 2+ feet. With all the snow and is piled HIGH. A pleasant thing to happen when school is out anyway and we have latkes and Hanukkah cookies to cook!!

OK, the CUTEST thing. Mae just spent the last few minutes running from Paul to me, giving us giant hugs. We've had a tough 48 hours with her, and Paul reminded me that we need to encourage this type of thing. So sweet!!

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Beth and Shayna said...

How cute to have some great hugs from Mae. Just when you needed it.

Love the video! He is so cute.

Stay warm and cozy in the next few days.