Wednesday, December 20, 2006

crazy day

Mae's special present this Hanukkah was a doll that speaks Mandarin. Some of the older girls at Chinese school had one, and her teacher said the girls love them. After she opened it Paul asked her "Do you like your doll?" She nodded vehemently. She repeats anything the doll (named Ling) says. Especially 'hao' as in Ni hao. She really seems to know that one. I think it's a hit!

We have had a tough few days. Mae has had almost constant tantrums, screaming NO! at the top of her lungs at me whenever I ask her anything at all. Lots and lots of screaming. And, in the same minute, if I am out of her sight for a SECOND, she starts to cry and say "Mama?? Mama!!" So, I'm thinking these two are somehow related. We played a great game of "Can I have a hug?" earlier today that was successful and I did it some more tonight. I think she is going to be one of those kids who needs choices, no telling her what to do. We spent much of the day this way-in the Ergo. My arms are killing me.

Today's blizzard was nuts. The fun part was putting aside any preconceived notions of what to do and just enjoying the day. We didn't get to the cookies, but we did bake chocolate-chip banana bread this morning and a batch of latkes tonight. The gym is closed tomorrow, so no camp for the boys. Hopefully we can play in the snow with the neighbor kids tomorrow, and maybe get to those cookies! In the meantime, here's a pic of Ted playing with his Bionicle. Heh.

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epin said...

The Ling Ling doll is one of Hana's favorites! Mae is adorable. Enjoy the beautiful snow, and keep safe.