Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seeing the light...

I'm really glad I did that big de-clutter session in September. Having already cleared out the major junk, it's not too hard to envision how our house will look when the time is right. Hopefully we'll hear from the warranty company next week. In the meantime, Paul and I spent today going through the crawl space (an area I carefully avoided in September!) We have many boxes of old textbooks and random knickknacks to donate. Paul wants one more weekend to go through things and then we'll either call 1-800 Got Junk again (love them!) or drive our donations/garbage/recyclables to their destinations. I'll call our painter this week for an estimate on re-painting. I definitely want him to paint the baseboards and windowsills. Depending on our realtor's suggestion, perhaps the whole house too. We have plastic under-the-bed boxes for the kids' toys. Tawyna suggested it to me. They'll have a large box for their toys, books, stuffies, and extra blankets. Then they'll still have all their "stuff", but it won't be out for all the world to see. It should work, at least in the short term. Between Mae and me, we're making good headway on breaking all the glasses! At least it'll be less to move. The kitchen is another area that was thoroughly de-cluttered so besides organizing, it should be easy to pull together. Let's hope!

After singing a Haydn mass at St. Augustine's this morning and working on the basement, we all took Ole on a walk. The boys played in the park while Mae and I took him up the hill to the trail. Sam looked so cute, all ruddy-cheeked. He seems to be completely fine after the bee sting. Hooray!

Tomorrow Sam and Mae have preschool, and Ted goes to a half-day soccer camp with his buddies Kai and Zach. Should be fun!

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