Saturday, November 22, 2008

Zoo Day!

We went to the zoo today. It was a beautiful day, in the low 60's, no wind. Sam wanted to see the snow leopards (thanks to Kung Fu Panda) and Ted the penguins. (Mae didn't have a choice, but kept wanting to see the monkeys, although we saw them right away). Poor Sam got stung by a bee at lunch. Right in the neck! I was able to remove the stinger and everything. The "First Aid lady" appeared immediately and applied a green solution to his neck, and, I kid you not, an hour later you couldn't even see where it had been. Amazing.

On Friday, Ted had his 1st grade buddies over for a PJ "Kung Fu Panda" party. They had their sleeping bags, stuffies (I LOVE how into their stuffed animals these tough little boys are!) and I provided plenty of popcorn. After seeing the movie, the 4 of them exploded into Kung Fu moves and poor Omri got his (already loose, thank goodness) front tooth knocked out (by Ted's foot. Oops). But by the time his mom arrived, he had recovered and was SO proud. We'll have to do that sort of thing again. They get along so well together.

Last week at the CSA closing, I acquired some osha root. The seller (an interesting character) instructed me on how to prepare it (including a healthy dose of local honey) and it is GOOD! I have a wicked sore throat (just in time for my 1st gig with the Greek Orthodox church tomorrow...nice.) and the tea is helping. Waa.

Pics on moeltini!

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