Friday, August 8, 2008


2 crises averted today. First, we lost our camera charger and batter in Iowa (hence the lack 'o pics. Poor Mae. Yet another thing to add to her "will need counseling" list.) Today I went to Mike's Camera where they blithely handed me a new charger and battery without batting an eye. *huge sigh of relief* A new camera is not in our budget. The second crisis was Sam's flat tire (tube really.) I went to UBikes yesterday and bought a new tube, but it STILL wouldn't hold air. Luckily, Wendy made me buy a patch kit (like, 2 years ago) and I actually remembered where it was. The patch is holding so far.
Now, if these two excited triathletes would just go to sleep, we'll all be ready for our 5am wake up call tomorrow morning. Yawn.

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jack said...

Sorry you had trouble with cameras and have few pics.

Good excuse for a big photo shoot for the third birthday!