Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mae is 3

Mae turned 3 yesterday. Wow! Her party was really fun. We had a great cool afternoon (it started sprinkling just as people were leaving). The bounce house was a blast and the pinata was broken by the 4th child (glad I lined them up by age!) The cake was a bit melty but yummy in all its sugary un-refrigerated glory. Mae actually had a fabulous time at her party, but the few pics we got (we lost our camera battery and the camcorder takes really poor pictures) aren't very good. The video is really sad. She was getting so mad because the candle kept blowing out and everyone was laughing. But she perked right up when it lit and she blew it out. I don't want to post the video because it looks like she was miserable the whole time which she wasn't. A highlight was a bird's nest in one of the climbing structures. The mother bird(s?) wasn't happy that people were near her nest and would dive-bomb anyone who stayed too long, but peeking at those teeny little baby birds was worth it. Happy 3rd Birthday, Mae-Mae!! (The pic is with her friend Theo. They hang out at TKD together and he is really sweet to her. What a handsome boy!!) We had an Eco-Cycle Zero-Waste Event Kit, so all the plates, bowls and silverware were corn based. The (local establishment, guy from temple) bagels with cream cheese and farmstand apricots were scrumptious. Everything went into the compost and I dropped it off today at CHaRM. I love it! We'll do the same for Sam.

Today all 3 kids had Sunflower Farm Camp. Ted and Sam were in the same group and Mae was with her friends Jake and Henry. Everyone said they had a good time. I love this camp. 2 more days of it ahead!

Cat update. Electra gave us a scare. Starting Saturday, she wouldn't come out from under the bed and when she did, she was all shaky. We saw the vet Tuesday who said she was severely dehydrated, so now we administer 100ml of subcutaneous (under the skin) fluids twice a day. The vet thinks her kidneys are failing, typical for older cats. Since we started that, she has been so much better. She even went after Ole today, so that's a good sign! (Poor Ole.) Tonight she came down from her spot under the bed to sit on my lap. What a sweet cat. Orestes, still a peeling, skinless disaster, is now on special prescription allergy food plus his 2 creams twice a day. Hope this works for him. He is 14 and his mom is 16. It must be torture for Orestes to smell Electra's kitten food (wet) while he has only tasteless kibble. Ah, the geriatric years.

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