Sunday, August 10, 2008

summer cleaning?

What's it called when you get the 'spring cleaning' bug in the summer? I returned home from my rehearsal in Denver to find the upstairs in complete chaos. Paul and the boys (probably mostly Paul) had gone through the boys' room, clearing out lots of Kindergarten work, old toys and other throw-aways. He had also gone through our closet and had a pile for me to go through (mostly Ted's winter wardrobe for a year from now, found a big box for that. Oh, how we love Blake hand-me-downs!!). We have reclaimed our closet! The upstairs feels so uncluttered and peaceful. If I could JUST do that with my kitchen, I'd be a much calmer person.

I took Ted to the TKD picnic at the lake today. We swam out to the FAR dock (I'd guess it's at least 100 meters) and back and forth between 2 close docks. Ted was the only kiddo to swim out and we had a great time chatting while we swam together. It was fun spending time with him. The weather got sketchy after that so we came home, and continued clearing out the junk.

Sunflower seeds are a-soaking for a repeat batch of Nori Snacks. These are SO GOOD. Yum yum yum. I'm going to dehydrate them tomorrow along with another batch of Kale Chips (also good but not worthy of capital letters. Good though!)

Tomorrow we plan to swim at our neighborhood pool, nap, and then go to TKD. Ahhh....

Oh, and Mom, I updated moeltini for you!

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jack said...

Thanks for all the Triathlon pics!! Really good ones. Now you have to try to get Mae to smile into a camera. Where is Wendy when you need her?

Good luck with the clearing out. Want to come home and help out here? We have more books rescued from the storage locker, but have lots more to go. Yes, it does feel good!

See you soon.