Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green Smoothies...bring 'em on!

My (reconditioned, not brand new!) Vitamix arrived yesterday. I think I used it 6 times today, since it blends like a blender and processes like a food processor. I had a green smoothie with dinner (zucchini noodles with raw tomato sauce) and it took a few sips to get into it, but it was good. It was a bunch of Swiss chard, plus a banana, some water and a teeny bit of Stevia. Not bad. I'll try adding more fruits tomorrow, perhaps an apple would brighten it up. I entered a Green Smoothie Challenge so I plan to drink one green smoothie a day til the 15th (Green Smoothie Day, apparently, according to the Green Smoothie Queen). We are going berry picking tomorrow and I hope to cart home a TON of berries to freeze, which will hopefully get the kids to drink these too.
Randi, my mother's helper, was here today. While she entertained the kids, I did up a batch of Kale Chips and some Sunflower Burgers in the dehydrator. Tomorrow I'm going to try some raw "chocolate chip" cookies and see how they are. I also made up some raw fudge in the Vitamix (wowsa! rich and delicious!) plus a peanut butter banana chocolate shake for Ted (using the raw almond milk I made first thing after cleaning the Vitamix for its first use. YUM.) I think I'm on to something. I think I really like this. It sure is an easy way to get the greens in. This will be only the 2nd week of the CSA that I will have gone through the produce without freezing any. Although freezing greens for the smoothies would probably be just fine. (no blanching though...even easier!)

And in non-food news, Mae had her 3 year well check today. She weighs 31 pounds (50%) and is 38 inches tall (75%). I thought she was really tall so she must have very short friends! She only had one shot (Hep A) and was so brave. We went to DQ afterwards (and I didn't even WANT any...crazy!) She is doing great, thriving, healthy and smart. We are going to do a speech evaluation with Child Find. While she got her L's in at 2, she still can't manage any S blends (squirrel, sneaky, school etc.). I'm sure it's age appropriate, but it can't hurt to check. I'm so glad she's doing so well. I'm not sure if it's my demeanor that's changed or hers, but we've had a very nice few days. Perhaps this will be the Terrific Threes?


jack said...

Hooray for Mae! Glad to hear all is well with her. About the s-blends - I think time will take care of that. I assume her hearing has been checked. That's probably the first thing the speech people will look at.

About your green whatssis....gosh! It looks a bit like something Snow White's Wicked Stepmother would serve! Is it really good?


Kristen's Raw said...

I love green smoothies and yours sounds great. I have some frozen bananas waiting to be blended with some fresh spinach and turmeric (why not, eh? haha)