Wednesday, August 13, 2008

much fun!

Berry picking was fun. We didn't pick anywhere NEAR the amount I was hoping for, but it was fun and the kids (especially Ted) probably ate more than they picked anyway. We made up for it by stocking up at the little produce shop. This will have to become an annual tradition, although I need to discover the best time to go. They told us the raspberries were plentiful and the strawberries picked over; we found the opposite. Still, lots of fun.

My green smoothie adventures continue. Tonight's smoothie is made up of Swiss Chard, 2 kiwis and half an apple. A little thick, but very tasty. And filling! I am D'ing a batch of "Toll Free Cookies" which have macadamia nuts as their base. I think I added to much stevia, so next time I might leave it out entirely. The flavor is really similar to TollHouse...crazy!

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