Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting ready!

Sam and I are getting ready for our Black Belts! (Crazy!) Sam is a Red Belt Recommended now, so he has 3 testings to go - on his 3rd testing, in April, he will test for his Black Belt! (Though I think they are moving to Black Belt ceremonies, so he may have to wait...not sure how this will work.) I am a Brown Belt Decided now, so I am one testing behind Sam, up in June.

Just to clarify, once you reach Brown Belt, you take two testing cycles to advance. So the rank progression is Brown Belt Recommended, Brown Belt Decided, Red Belt Recommended, Red Belt Decided, and 1st Degree Black Belt Recommended (the Red/Black belt) and finally 1st Degree Black Belt Decided! Whew!!

In preparation, we have to complete the Nine Steps to Black Belt. Of course, I geeked out and made myself a binder right away, as well as a timeline to make sure I complete everything on time. I'm such a nerd.  I took my initial Fit Test in class on Thursday of last week, and let's just say I have lots of room for improvement!

I've also started on my 100 Random Acts of Kindness (3 down!) Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start adding in more push-ups and sit-ups (part of my Fit Test) so I don't completely wither away during testing. It will be interesting from January-May when I'm at rehearsals almost every night, but I'm exited! Should be a fun adventure.

Bring it!

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