Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The First Comment!

I'm so excited-I finally got my first comment on this blog! Hee hee. Thanks go to Chuck Tanowitz (of Shoshi's Blog). I feel like I should award him a medal! The ice has been broken-please feel free to comment, just be nice!

Also, tomorrow I get to pick up Mae's Good Wishes Quilt (96 in our case!) I am so excited-I can hardly wait to see it. I'll take a pic and put it up right away. What a huge step in my preparation. Oh, and my authenticated Power of Attorney form arrived by FedEx this morning too. Friday I'll take our last 3 years of tax filings and xerox them (I have no idea why either, but if you don't travel with your spouse you need to lug them to China...can you say 'back to back copying'?!) All that's left to do of import is to pack the shoebox for the orphanage! Referrals came in on Nov. 11 for the expediated families so April is set for early December and us for early January or February, depending on cut-off. My stomach twists just writing that...I know it will all end up right but the thought of waiting til February when we expected Thanksgiving is hard to swallow, let alone type.

Check back for the quilt picture tomorrow!!!

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