Wednesday, November 9, 2005

flu shots

After weeks of putting it off, I finally 'made the time' to get flu shots for myself and the boys. It was quite the ordeal too, may I add! Sam has soccer Wednesday mornings so after we dropped Ted and Rach off at preschool, we did the soccer thing (so cute-I MUST bring my camera...) Then we went for a nice trail run (Sam is getting very good about staying in the stroller now) and then hung out in Boulder til it was time to get Ted at 1. Then we trekked all the way to Lafayette where we discovered that only adults could get shots there. So I got mine. Sam fell asleep on the way there and actually stayed asleep through the whole thing...out of the car, into the building, paying for the shot, me GETTING the shot, back in the car...pretty funny. Then we drove BACK to North Boulder to a clinic for their shots. Ted screamed blue murder (drama, drama!) while Sam squeaked once and was instantly fascinated by his Band-Aid. Both boys were taken in by "Beauty and the Beast" playing in the clinic, so we stopped by Rachel's house on the way home to borrow it. We got home around 4pm (hello! lunch time for Mom!!!) and they had some popcorn and watched it, then dinner and bedtime at 6:30. Nary a peep since. Sam may have to return for a 2nd booster if he didn't get it last year. I think he did, but I may be wrong.

Yesterday morning I took this pic of Ted. It was about 70 degrees at 9am-ish. We were having a very mellow morning and I didn't fuss at him to get dressed before coming downstairs like I usually do. He wandered out back and played happily for over an hour. I thought it was so cute...

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