Saturday, November 12, 2005

slacker mom

Finally! A book that speaks to my parenting philosophy! While my kids have plenty of toys and are well-entrenched in kiddie classes, it's still true that they have and do so much less than their peers. Compared to all of our friends, we have a tiny house (HUGE compared to the 2bedroom apartment I was raised in), lack of finished basement/playroom (they have playspace-they just need to share it with us!) and the boys have to...oh horror!... share a room! This is a great book for any moms out there who are feeling slightly guilty at the amount of time their kids spend playing in an unstructured, unsupervised manner. Fun stuff!

In other news, Ted (and I) survived his first violin recital! Sadly, I forgot the digital camera but did remember the video camera. I wasn't sure he'd actually do anything at all, but he did great. He was one of three "Pre-Twinkle Demonstration" kids and it is just the cutest! Hopefully he'll actually be PLAYING the violin for the next recital! One can hope, right? Tara and Jon watched the kiddos for us for two hours tonight while we went on a quick run (it was freezing and windy) and then to Borders for coffee. That was so nice! I hope we can return the favor and maybe get into a little routine here...just a few hours away makes a huge difference. Ted, Rach and Jack are moving from Fun Friday to Stroke School in January! It will be good for them...they had a little too much free time to goof off and try to drown each other in FF...learning the strokes should be fun. Next summer will be interesting, to say the least!

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