Sunday, December 11, 2005

back to reality

Paul and I returned this afternoon from a nice overnight. The B&B was close to Pearl Street and Sanitas. We went to Jax for martinis & oysters, then on to our favorite sushi restaurant (we hit Happy Hour for both..couldn't have asked for better!) then to a funky bookstore to read and have a coffee. The B&B was lovely and breakfast the next morning was delicious-artichoke frittata! Yum. Plus I got a great run in...poor Paul has a cold and wasn't up to joining me. It was great! Then, I had my baby shower. We planned this date because, a few months ago, it looked like this would be my referral month. Oh well. It was fun and I received some beautiful gifts-the hostess gave Mae a hand-knit baby is soooo soft. It was a lovely weekend...nice to rejuvinate. As much as I long to hold my daughter, the reality of three little children is also daunting. It's fun to remember who were were, before kids.

Here are some pics from the Holiday Concert rehearsal on Friday night. The concert was on Saturday at Frasier Meadows Nursing Home. I tried to videotape but it was really hard to see Ted. He looked adorable, in his wedding suit again. He was really into the concert, 'fake' bowing on his little box earnestly. It was very cute. We should get the real violin in a few will be a huge milestone. Since I am learning right with him, I can honestly say it is very difficult to a)hold the violin under your chin for any length of time, b)hold the bow without your hand cramping up and c)bow without dropping the bow! Tough stuff and he is doing great. The little boy on the right is his buddy Bennet. Bennet is exactly one year and a day older than Ted and has graciously accepted Ted's adoration. He has an older brother Camden, who was one of the students we observed at the beginning. Another boy we observed, Hayden, has a little sister from China, Cella, who is also a beginner with Miss Vari. After the rehearsal there was a pizza party and the kids were so cute, all running around together like a pack. Camden and Hayden took the lead, with Bennet and Ted (Cella wasn't there) following right behind. Very cute. While reviewing the video, I was impressed with how beautifully in tune all those children played. There is something to the Suzuki method, for sure, that 100 children, of varying skill levels, can still all play together and sound like one violin. Fun stuff!

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Jen/McMom from PH said...

Hi Ellen - its Jen from PH Adoption Forum. I was just wondering about you. We haven't seen you much so I thought I'd drop you a note here to see how you were doing. I am seriously losing my mind with waiting! But wanted to say Hi to you and see how you and the boys were.