Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It's that I'm resigned to a March referral (and looking forward to my 2 mornings a week when both boys are in preschool) there are new rumors circulating. Here they are, just for fun. None have been supported by my agency, and therefore I don't really believe them, but they are good ones. A woman named Ruth on my CCAI board posted this today:

There has been a rumor floating around several boards since about
12/20 that a batch of referrals is coming out by the end of the year
or beginning of January, and that it could go as late as May 10th.
(Of course we don't have any early May lid's...) and that ANOTHER
batch of referrals would be out before Chinese New Year. (Subtext:
that would probably be our May 23rd gang).

So I've been watching this rumor, looking for some grain of truth in
it, and got nothing for awhile, then it got busy again today.
Someone in Spain reports in on the "Spain Board" rumors, and confirms this rumor........ and also said the Spain rumors are usually dead on.

Then someone else posted the following. I have edited it slightly
for clarity, and I must say I DON'T KNOW WHERE SHE GOT HER INFO, (I never heard about the 12/2 meeting she mentions) but since we're
talking rumors here, I guess it's fair to post this.

Here is a summary of facts/rumors . . . that may contribute to why
families/agencies may feel optismic about future referrals:

1. CCAA went over the allotted adoptions they were allowed in 2005.
Dec 1 marked the new fiscal year and hence, new tabulation counter
for adoption for 2006. (people assume that the reason for the slow
down in referrals was due to CCAA reaching the limit in permitted
adoptions for 2005)

2. In the "big" meeting on Dec 2 in Beijing it was evidently stated
to agencies that CCAA does not expect the wait for referral to be
longer than 10 months.

3. CCAA expects to start referring full months very soon. (people
think this is related to point 1 above)

4. CCAA has [historically] sent out two groups of referrals the month
before the Chinese New Year. This year that month is January. So,
people are optismic again that January will see two groups of
referrals - - including the end of April and May with some hope of
early June


So, there they are. It would be pretty amazing to have two batches of referrals out in January. We shall see!

Tonight for the 4th night of Hanukkah we walked 2 houses down to our neighbors'. Their son Jacob is 4 and hopefully our boys will play more as the weather warms up. There was another family whose kids go to the JCC there and there were other Rock Creek families too. It was fun! During the lighting of the menorah one of the little (non-Jewish) girls sitting next to Jacob looked like she was going to burst into tears at any moment. It was because she didn't know what was going on...something Ted has experienced numerous times this Xmas. It's hard to see that kind of discomfort in a child, but it was a good lesson for all the parents I think, that not knowing the words or traditions can really upset them. It was nice of Stephanie & Mike to have this party to show Jacob's friends "what we do." Nice idea! We are beat. Too many parties!!

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