Monday, January 30, 2006

...and in other news...

And just so no one accuses me of playing favorites, here is a cute pic of Sam. This was taken back in December when we took the holiday photos. He is doing so well in preschool. He hasn't had any potty accidents and apparently plays mostly on his own inside but takes over the playground outside! His teachers tell me he is a natural leader, but because he is younger he is a bit timid. I bet he will be so happy next year, as the big kid. He is trying to give up his nap on preschool days, which I fight against as valiently as I can. He must be exhausted, considering his crib is gone and he has to sleep in his bed now. He's been getting up frighteningly early (5am today) but at least he is sleeping through the night in his bed. He helped me bake muffins this afternoon for playgroup tomorrow-he's a tough cookie but a sweet one!

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