Friday, January 6, 2006

referrals calls went out yesterday

...and what a joyous day on our board! It was wonderful to see all the referral postings. All the girls are so cute! Some bug got me so I've been under the weather but this afternoon I feel a bit perkier, so hopefully I'm on the mend. The preschool was kind enough to let Sam go to preschool today (normally I will take him to PALs, a Mom & me class at the preschool) so I got a nice nap in this morning. He had a great day at preschool today, so I am thrilled with his acceptance of this new phase of his life. This afternoon Tara and I are booking the kids' birthday party at Pump It Up! again. They had such a great time last year, and for the two of them to actually have something in common is rare and a cause for celebration! Rachel is going to have a princess cake and I expect Ted will want a Power Rangers one...I'm going to try and steer him towards something a bit less...violent! but we'll see.

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