Wednesday, January 11, 2006


'Whinge' is a word my English friend Lou uses when describing whining. I love that word. I am feeling whingey today. I am tired of waiting for this referral. Everyone under the sun asks me all the time "Have you heard anything from China?" like someone is just going to ring me up one day and say, "Hey! Got your girl here! Want to come get her?" Bless their hearts, I appreciate their interest, but this has got to be the frustration an elephant feels while pregnant. What is their gestation anyway, 18 months or something? It's been a year now...a year since beginning the paperwork. And 2 looooong months since Thanksgiving, which is when we had thought all along that we were getting our referral. Whinge whinge. Come on already! We're looking at March now for a referral. Blah. It's so frustrating.


Anonymous said...

Whinge away!! No matter how long you have to wait, when that call comes, when that picture arrives, it will be seconds until you are on the plane, pulling on the arms of your seat to hurry it on its way!

All at once, it will be SUDDENLY!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen - I came across your blog again- you do a great job. I know the waiting stinks..and believe me I know! But hang in there and that referral WILL come. I thought I'd never forgot the horrible waiting, but now that we finally have Phoebe's picture, I don't remember much of the pains of waiting for the referral ( this like childbirth?) Anyway, your day is coming...don't forget that!

Leslie Kullman
P.S. thank you so much for putting Phoebe's photo on the group homepage..what a special feeling to see her there! I look forward to seeing Mae's photo there soon!