Thursday, February 2, 2006


Well, we tried. We tried for 2 weeks in September and another 2 weeks in January. Sam cannot handle the freedom of sleeping in a bed with an unlocked door. So, my beautiful, girly pink nursery that has sat empty since November now has a boy's bed in it. *sigh* It was so pretty to look at. We put Ted in Mae's room for now because he can handle the concept of staying in his bed and Sam simply can't. So Sam is alone in the big room with nothing in it except for the bed. Poor kiddo. I expect this will be a hard night for him...I doubt he can even remember sleeping without Ted. But 2 weeks of 9 hours sleep (9pm-6am, more or less) is getting old...the kids need more sleep, period. I know hindsight is 20/20. If I had known, I would have realized that Mae will probably be sleeping in our room for a few months anyway (a one-year-old who is used to a cribmate (or 2!) in a room with 100 babies in it is NOT going to magically sleep alone...). So, I should have left Sam, in his crib, in that room until after she was home and ready to be moved. Instead, we've had 5 months of bad sleep. Enough is enough-I admit defeat. Here I am, waving my white flag. As they say, and it's become my parenting mantra for some reason, live and learn, folks.

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Anonymous said...

You need to remember the Chicago version of that mantra -- "Live and learn -- if you can manage them both at the same time!" - Mom