Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sam's 1st movie

In an effort to keep busy this weekend, we decided to take the boys to "Curious George" which has been a hit with the really little ones. I knew Ted would be great, what with 3 movies under his belt, but I wasn't too sure how Sam would be. After all, this is the kid who didn't acknowledge the television til about age 2, and even now never sits through an entire anything, even Baby Einstein (a.k.a. how moms fix dinner). It is dark, loud and BIG in the theatre. Well, he did great!! Ted's first movie was "Madagascar" and he spent about 2 minutes in his own seat before needing the comfort of my lap. Sam settled in between Ted and me, his popcorn in his lap, and took it all in. About 20 minutes from the end, he got bored and we took a bathroom break (I was also bored and in need of the bathroom too, so it worked out perfectly!) By the time we got back, it was the very end and he spent the credits in the first row, looking up. Fun!!
This morning I offered to help Lucy's mom with her birthday party so Ted and I were at an 'Under the Sea' themed party today for Miss Lucy. So cute!!! Tomorrow I plan to take the boys to a museum, probably the Nature & Science one if Ted is the deciding factor, otherwise the Children's one.
Anyway, we highly recommend "Curious George." It was a little boring for adults, but very sweet for kids. A perfect first movie!!

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