Monday, February 20, 2006

yippee skippy

Don't just came to my lips when I heard the newest REFERRAL RUMOR!!!! Here it is, posted on one of my agency's Yahoo! groups:
    "There've been rumors from Spain for a few days now about
referrals. Today there was a posting on the August2005DTC group

from someone in TN who said her
agency sent out an email to
everyone that referrals will be
coming 2/28."

Someone else said their agency told them they should get a
referral 2/27-2/28
for their LID of early June.

Don't want to get everyones hopes up but this sounds very

This is so exciting. To think that NEXT WEEK we might see a picture of OUR DAUGHTER! It is all I can do to think straight. I am planning our "Referral Party" right now...nothing like planning parties to take my mind off!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Can't wait!
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Keeping Fingers and Toes crossed--can't cross my arms or legs while I'm driving though.

Susan in Cinci.