Sunday, March 5, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ted!

Today was Ted's 4th Birthday. We had his party 2 weeks ago, so it was almost a surprise to celebrate it again today (much smaller deal-just us and our good friends the Hackels.) Looking back 4 years ago, it is amazing how much all of our lives have changed, and how much Ted has changed too. 3 was a tough age for Ted. About a month or two ago, he started mellowing out again. He tends to think when being warned about his behavoir, resulting in fewer time-outs. He's so good at sharing with Sam, and especially talented at the 'swap' aspect of trading toys (poor Sam!) He is a very happy boy, and I'm relieved we made it through the "cranky 3's" without too much trauma. So far, I'm calling the 4s the "logical 4's." As long as he understands what is going on, he's all for it. Happy Birthday to my big boy!

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