Friday, March 31, 2006

we are 'on the board'

I know that pic is hard to see-if you click on it you can view a larger version. Even though our flights to China are confirmed, it was very exciting to log in to CCAI's website and go to the Travel Page and see OUR GROUP...complete with our travel dates. It just makes it that much more real when it is up on CCAI's website. Hooray!
Tuesday will be a big day-not only will we receive our Final Travel Packet from CCAI, we should also be receiving Updates. And, JC Travel should be sending us our Beijing Tour specifics.

G'pa Kessie is visiting this weekend-a lovely diversion to keep all of our minds off the wait. The boys took all of 2 minutes to warm up to him...he is a kid magnet! Tomorrow we hope to go to the Boulder Farmer's Market and hopefully to the park on Sunday if the beautiful, warm weather holds.


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your group "on the board"!! Does that mean that there will be ten families in your group, all adopting girls from HuaiHua? So they are really like sisters, aren't they? I hope they will all be able to keep in touch throughout their lives, like a second or third family. Take good care of Grandpa! ... Mom

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I saw that you are about to head off to China...I was looking at Blogs and came across yours... I bet that you are excited that you are going to be going to China soon enough. Your daughter is cute as a button... I hope that you have a safe trip and look forward to reading more of your adventures... My husband and I - well, our dossier was sent off to China yesterday... one day down and how many more to go??? Take care and drop in whenever you feel like it... Felicity