Wednesday, April 26, 2006

10 day forecast

Today I checked and it was pretty cool to see the forecast, knowing that I would be there!!! Here it is:

Beijing: 77°
Hong Kong: 79°
Changsha: 88°
Guangzhou: 78°

Those are general, springlike and muggy. I am rethinking the long sleeves for Mae...but hesitant to make her cold when she's used to so many layers. We'll see. I pack for the first time on Friday, get on the scale, and then re-pack as needed on Saturday. Tomorrow (instead of going to the library, since they wouldn't be able to go back to storytime and return the books the following Thursday) we are hitting Babies R Us for last minute supplies. I can't believe that all I have left to do is pack (and get my pedicure!!) Since I plan to pack so lightly, the real issue will be wrestling with what to bring and what to leave. Yesterday I spent time paperclipping money together with slips of paper saying what each pile is for; another adoptive mom made the suggestion, saying she was too frazzled on Gotcha Day to deal with counting out money and was so glad she had it done in advance. That type of thing appeals to my personality so I enjoyed it!!

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Anonymous said...

Down to the wire!! I like the idea of clipping the money together with notes to say what goes where. Don't forget to print out a little currency converter, too! I like to do it in approx. amounts: $1, $5, $10, $20, etc. with the local equivalents. Have fun!!