Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baby Jelly Beans Wins

Baby Jelly Beans is the winner. Many of you like the format better and I like the video better. One more question. Do you find the video too-too small? There are 3 sizes and I chose the smallest size, so that it would download quicker and so that it would look better (not grainy)...but is it TOO small? Thanks for all your thoughts, everyone! (especially you, Mom! although I didn't see a Target ad on the journeytome site?)


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Looks really nice. I am getting pretty excited! How clever you are getting all this set up--will you really have the time??

Anonymous said...

Maybe not exactly an ad for Target - I think it was a baby gift registry by Target. Not much difference? I like the Jelly Bean Babies better! ... Mom