Monday, April 17, 2006


There are so many things about me that are like my mother. (Yes, this is a good thing, albeit surprising!) One of them is my complete infatuation with all things eyelet. White, in particular. White eyelet and baby boys never really felt right to me, so I am indulging myself with Mae. Today I went through a bag of clothes from Rachel & Gabi. They are all very small, 3-6 month and some 9 months. Among all the other beautiful and cute outfits was this little dress. I about lost it! This is it-this little dress is how I always imagined I would dress my little daughter. And soon, so so so soon, she will wear it! (Well, she will be squeezed into is pretty small but I am determined!)

Another 'mom thing' happened this morning while I was running. All the trees are in bloom now (suddenly-last Wednesday they weren't) and we have a lot of lilac trees and bushes. I grew up with a beautiful lilac tree in the front yard of our apartment and the smell of lilacs takes me back to Rockwell Street instantly. What a magical smell! Anyway, while walking to the trail this morning, Anna Russel's famous "How I love the Sprrring!" leapt into my head and darn it, it's still there! And every time it pops into my thoughts I laugh out loud. Hooray for spring!

The third and final Mom episode has been going on for months now and I keep forgetting to post about it. As a child, when Mom would put me to bed she would sing me a lullabye she had half made up/half altered from the Coventry Carol. In Hebrew we call it a niggun, a wordless melody. She would also tickle/scratch the insides of my hand and fingers, which may sound weird, but try feels wonderful! I have been singing "the na-na-na song" to Sam since he was born. It is now the 2nd of 3 songs that we sing, since Mama Hao entered the repertory. I've also started doing the tickle hand thing...he is not very ticklish (Ted could never stand it so I never tried-he is sooo ticklish) and he loves it! I trimmed my fingernails today and he was not as happy with the results!

So, for those of you getting ready for your little girls, just remember, you WILL turn into your mother eventually! And it's really fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness!! The eyelet, lilacs, Anna Russell, and now the na-na-na song? Just wait -- you will soon find that you have also turned into your grandmother!! That hit me most when I was reading poetry to you. I could hear her voice, and it was coming out of me!! ... What is it about mothers and daughters, unto the zillionth generation? ... Welcome to the chain of being. ... Love, Mom

Bee's Blog said...

It has already started to happen to me, I am turning into my mother. The best thing is that when you realize it is not a bad thing.

I love the inside tickle! My nephew used to wake up from naps with his arms straight in the air so you would lightly tickle the inside of his arms. I am sure he may not be happy with me telling that story as he is now a freshman at CU.

Trixie said...

It is happening to me too! My mother's cousin, who knew her very well at my age, said to me last summer "You are just like your mom at that age!" It was oddly gratifying.

I noticed that you mentioned Hebrew in your post. Are you Jewish too? Happy Passover!

Ellen said...

Hi Trixie! Yes we are Jewish-happy last day of matzah to you! :-)