Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I got tagged!

You know how you felt when you WEREN'T the last person chosen for a team in grammar school? I feel that way now because...I got tagged! This is a big internet thing and it just cracks me up to see the weird things tagging reveals about people. I don't consider my blog particularily 'public.' I think only my close friends, family, and a few people from the adoption world read it. So, I was tickled pink when Shayna's mom tagged me! In this version of tag I list 6 odd things about myself. Here goes! (do you care? oh well...)

1. I still sleep with my Pooh Bear...I hadn't in a few years but just got him out again a few weeks ago. The boys think it's hysterical.
2. I used to be called "Ellen 3 Pillows" by my BIL. 2 pillows for my head and one under my knees. Now I have the type of pillow that molds to your neck, so only 1 there and I am totally addicted to my body pillow. I'm actually pretty concerned about sleeping without my special pillows in China.
3. I used to bite my toenails. NO, I don't do it anymore...but I could!
4. I was introduced to my husband by my ex-boyfriend's sister who was his ex-girlfriend at the time because we were all on speaking terms still (did you follow that? Neither did I.)
5. I have a tattoo...on my right no longer looks like (yes, again) Pooh because he stretched right along with my pregnancies! Oops!
6. When I had my ultrasound with Sam, I crossed my fingers that he would be a boy, so that we could adopt someday. If he had been a girl we might not have done this! Whew!!!

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Bee's Blog said...

I am so glad to read your answers. I have two tatoos, but my mom does not know. Well, I think she knows but we do not discuss. So, I could not put that on my blog as she reads it several times a day. Too funny!

I am so excited for you. Only ten days left until you leave. To think tomorrow you are in the single digits until departure day. I am so excited for you!