Thursday, April 13, 2006

Travel Conference Call

Today at 2pm MT we had our call. We all called in to a conference center and entered a passcode. It was...interesting. Not quite what I had expected. As another parent said in our TG, it was more of a pep talk. And also a few warnings that things might not go well, but just 'get through the trip, bring the baby home, and everything will work itself out.' Good advice. I think I was expecting more 'travel-related' information, but truthfully, CCAI has been so good about getting all of our info to us, I guess there really isn't anything we don't know. So, we are down to the final 16 days. All that is left to do is pack. And I have 36 presents to wrap-that's 18 presents, one for each day I'm gone, one for each boy. I think Ted is going to be just fine, cheerfully opening presents, X-ing off days on the calendar, and cutting off a link every day from a paper chain. I hope his enthusiasm rubs off on Sam. And Paul...he is set! My friends have all come forward offering meals and playdates for the kids. Paul will be well-fed (probably one of my biggest worries). Now, if I can just get him to look at the calendar to know what is going on each day, he will be fine. 2 more weeks.

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