Sunday, April 30, 2006

waiting to board

I am such an internet junkie! I got to my gate in Denver an hour early and promptly opened my laptop! I had 2 mishaps already and I'm not even on the plane yet! The first was luggage-the woman checking me in informed me that my rolling suitcase was fine for domestic but that I would only be allowed one carryon internationally. I went ahead and checked it, and I have to say, it feel great! Let's just hope it meets me in Beijing! She was impressed that I was going to be in China for so long with such a small bag. Hee hee. Then mishap #2: while I am on this flight to LA, I didn't have an assigned seat number, and the flight is full! Yikes! Luckily (I might as well look on the bright side) I was able to upgrade to Economy Plus for $30 and get on the flight. I had the presence of mind to make sure I had a seat on the return flight home!! Geesh.
Anyway, it's 4pm and this flight boards at 4:45. I spoke to Paul and the boys already opened their first present, as soon as Erin & I drove away. Ted opened his new "big boy" leappad and Sam his Thomas train set. They were both really excited so hopefully the first few days will be fun for them.
I have a lovely 5 hour layover in LA, 3 hours without my SIL Susan, so I'm sure I'll blog again from there. Isn't this thrilling information? Aren't you on the edge of your seat?
1 leg down, 2 to go til I reach Beijing!!

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