Friday, June 2, 2006

darn that camera!

I WISH I had had my camera with me today. Sam had his swim class this morning, so we dropped Ted off at Jack's and Jack's mom & I took the little ones to class. I put Mae in the Ergo on my back and had to stand on my tiptoes to keep her from getting her chin wet, but I managed. She did great and splashed happily for about 20 minutes before getting cold. We then went back to Jack's to go to the neighborhood pool with Rachel & Jacob et al. Mae was TICKED by then at her no-nap status but Ted had a ball and Sam...did OK. The best pic would have been me in the green inflatable innertube with Mae on my stomach. She loved it and I was very comfortable. Fun!! She took an awsome afternoon nap and accompanied me to Red Robin with Danna & Haley...I needed my burger (Boca!) fix. Ahhh...

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