Friday, June 30, 2006

heading 'home'

I can't believe I haven't blogged all week. It's been a busy one with a lot of summery late nights for the kids. Tomorrow morning we leave for our annual trek to Dubuque, Iowa and then on to Chicago. The 2-day drive should be interesting. Once we arrive all will be well since there are lots of cousins to amuse Ted & Sam. All 5 of us sleeping in one room sounds terrible but we will see how it goes. I admit, I am not very excited about the trip this year. I am excited for Paul's family and my parents and friends to meet Mae, yes. But I have only been home from China for about 6 weeks. I am only just starting to settle into a routine and the kids also are just learning their new roles, sleeping arrangements, summer camps, etc. To pick up and drive for 2 days and plop everyone into a new situation sounds like a nightmare to me right now. But, who is more important in this equation? The family on both sides who have been so supportive? Or my personal comfort? I think the answer is obvious. So, buck up I will and we will make the best of it. I'm sure we will have fun once we are there and somewhat settled in.
I think Sam is ready for the bunkbed. He must already know he'll be in the bottom bunk?


Anonymous said...

Hey E, I'll miss you while you're gone--not that I hear from you that often ;) . Have an awesome trip! Enjoy showing off all three of your kiddos. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot my name...Sharron