Sunday, June 18, 2006

sweet good night

Last night we moved the boys in together (that went reasonably
well but not great...tonight seems to be going a tad better) and Mae got settled into her nursery...finally! It felt so good to give her her bottle in the rocking chair and just sit awhile while waiting for a burp, peacefully rocking and humming. And to have the freedom to walk in and out of my bedroom at any time of day...ahhh. I am glad she is in her own room at last. Now, if I can just somehow get through to the boys that bedtime is SLEEP time we will be all set.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you on that one! Our boys have been sharing a room for nearly 2 years and it is still a party every night up there! If you find a solution, PLEASE, share.

Shoshi's mom

5-4now said...

As you know my boys just got seperate beds... but they've always shared a room. Hope it works for you this time around. Good Luck!