Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Caitlan & crew

Colleen and I were chatting this morning around 9ish while our children fought with each other in our respective homes. In an unusual spirit of spontaneity for me, we decided to get our brawling broods together. She came here, braving I25, and all 5 boys and the babies had a really good time. No real fighting, no real crying, all in all, a blast. Mae walked with her walker for the first time and showed off her musical talents with all the instruments. Colleen picked up the wooden spoon with a questioning look. Mae took it from her and put it into the 'cup' xylophone, as if to say "Watch and learn, lady." The timing was really funny. Paul noticed tonight that she is now crawling at lightning speed, although still with one foot as a push-off. Ted has been hollering "Look Mama! Mae's a-walking!" Sure enough, she is on her way. I still love the crawl though. What a cutie.

If you click on the pic to make it larger, you will see Teeth #s 3 & 4. Hooray!

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