Friday, July 7, 2006

ER visit

Ahhhh...nothing like a trip to the local ER while on vacation. While picnicking at Eagle Point Park Ted found some pretty pink mushrooms and decided to taste them. Aunt Jayne and Uncle Steve had me call Poison Control while said to take him in right away, since he was under 50 pounds and mushrooms can damage the liver even if they aren't terribly lethal. So off we went. G'pa Moeller & Madonna met us there and we spent a LOOOOOONG time there. Because the doc couldn't identify the pink mushroom, we went with the activated charcoal drink. It was terrible...sludgy and bitter, even with chocolate milk to thin it out. After hours of story-telling and cajoling, he finally got 95% of it in him...and then threw up all over me. That was actually a good thing, as a significant amount of mushroom came out as well. We got home after 11pm. How exhausting. Today he seems fine, has pooped, and has a good appetite. Phew!!

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