Monday, July 31, 2006

hard couple of days

We had a great weekend, after a rough week. This pic is in the play area of Space Odyssey at the Science Museum. When it's 98degrees out, being in an ice-cold museum is the way to go. Saturday was my morning to sleep in (ahhh) and I took the boys to the park while Mae napped. It was hot hot hot but they had a terrific time and Sam actually climbed a ton of ladders and did the slides. Ted is working on the monkey bars and an older boy was helping him out-so cute. He likes to ride his bike there and I think he needs a bigger did he grow so fast? Or maybe I got him a bike that was too small? Anyway, a very restful weekend. The week was hard. Everyone was waking up early and being grumpy. Everyone including Paul and me. So we decided to try having Ted sleep in our bedroom in a sleeping bag on the floor, just to see who it was that was waking early. It was Sam, who still takes a 3hour nap-no wonder. Ted slept in til 7:15 this morning, almost 2 hours more than he was sleeping last week. The combination of separating them and taking turns sleeping in has really helped. When I get at least 8 hours of sleep I have great days. When I get less than 7, watch out...everyone suffers. This is a temporary solution but it's working now. And that's pretty much how we function these days- one day at a time.

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