Wednesday, July 5, 2006

walking girl

Well, Mae is a girl on a mission. If she is not walking she is screaming. Seriously. She was really getting into the standing thing before we left and at one of the rest stops she just took off with my fingers and hasn't stopped since. I sincerely hope she takes the time to crawl but I'm not sure she will. Neither of the boys were even crawling at this age (she is 11 months old today) so I am really surprised at this. This pic was taken on the 4th of July!
We are all having a great time. The boys are being kept very busy with crawfish fishing, spelunking in caves, and canoeing. I am working on the website and will soon have pics up at moeltini. She is very overwhelmed by everyone wanting to touch her and has become more clingy to Paul and me, but luckily is still in great spirits and sleeping well.


Mama T said...

SAY WHAT!?!?!? Walking? oh my, or shall I say, "OH MAE!" Hee hee! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Mae looks great up on her feet! Now whose back will take the brunt of this? I can guess! Can't wait to see you all. We won't touch Mae! .. Mom