Thursday, October 19, 2006

La Pie, Effet de Neige by Claude Monet

Whew!! This week's photo challenge from Double Happiness was a challenge for me, for sure!! I am not at all good with computers and art together. I can barely resize an image correctly. But I have always loved Monet (thanks Mom!) and the title of the challenge- Reinterpretation of Classic Art- had me googling away, trying to find something that I could doctor. And snowed! Hooray! I love this painting, called La Pie, Effet de Neige, because it's always reminded me of my grandmother's backyard right near the alley. There were trees and a hedge that marked her property from the neighbors and we'd play in that underbrush for hours. There was also a short wooden fence separating her property from Ginny's next door (easy to climb over to collect walnuts!). For whatever reason, La Pie does it for me. And then I got a great shot of Mae's first reaction to snow. You can't really tell since I had to resize her to look far away to fit in, but I've put all 3 here so you can see. The Monet original, the Mae original, and the two together. The title means "The Magpie, the Snow Effect" which I take to mean, look at the sharp contrast between the black magpie and the white snow. And now, the added bright red coat. You can click on any of the images and see them larger.


Stacey Teague said...

That is so cute!!! Good job!

Anonymous said...

I love Monet's painting "Mae, effet de neige"!! .You did a brilliant job! . Here's a cute story about the magpie: . You know that the aim of the Impressionists was to paint an "impression", a "glance", to make the painting look immediate. . If you look at the magpie's position, you see he is facing to the left. . Now look at his shadow. . It is facing the wrong way. . That's because, by the time Monet got to painting the shadow, the magpie had moved! . Isn't that cute! . I love your addition of Mae in her bright red coat - it reminds me of Renoir's "Two Sisters" - maybe you can add her to that one, too! . Love, Mom