Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I spent the evening writing out the invitations for Ted's birthday party. While I am thoroughly enjoying him right now (4.5 is a seriously delicious age), I can't quite get a handle on five. Another blogger I read had a similar comment about her 2 year old. Granted, two seems like such a baby to me now, but it's the same thing...your oldest child (in my case anyway) always seems so grown up, so mature...and then you take a step back and gasp, "When did that happen?! When did he get so old?" Ted spent the afternoon at a soccer clinic for 5-7 year olds. I'm sure he was one of the least coordinated kids there, but he did it. And he says he liked it. When I came in to pick him up and they were all scrimmaging like mad little monkeys, he just looked so together, so grown up. These kids were RACING around the field, intense and with purpose. It was like watching a bunch of 10 year olds (not as well trained, granted! I think the score was 1-0...hee.) Ted's party this year is going to be just for his pre-school friends, rather than try and invite all his individual little buddies from all over. There are 9 other kids in his class and about 5 from the other Pre-K class that he wants to invite. Originally he wanted to invite ALL the other class, but I talked him down from that one. This will be the last hurrah of preschool, I figure. Next year, he won't have as many friends to name and we will probably start the "6 kids for a 6 year old" that works so well. In the meantime, his invites are ready to be handed out and I'm at work trying to find a Bionicles cake...hmmm...
Five years old. Slow down, world. I'm not ready to get off!

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