Friday, December 29, 2006

how far she's come

Tonight after the kids were in bed, Paul and I began the arduous task of reviewing the video footage from the year to make our annual "Best Of" tape. (Yes, we still do a tape; someday we'll go digital, but don't hold your breath!) Anyway, 2006 began innocently enough (and we haven't yet gone through the China footage) but when Mae appears on screen, it is just amazing to see how little she was. Her little wobbly legs, her short hair, her giggle...she has really grown up in these short 8 months. The most notable is how QUIET she was. Yes, she cried almost all night long, but during the day, in these quick shots, she is SILENT. Ahh...and we want them to talk so badly... One of the videos was all about her signing 'dog'. Someone should try ONLY signing with their children...not a bad idea!!! What a year it has been.

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